Hi, I'm Shane Milton.

Come here for the tech, stay here for teh typos.

I’m a Cloud Solutions Architect who has learned a lot of things and made some mistakes. I hope to help you learn from these.


I have been a consultant, contractor, employee, business owner, developer, architect, tester, business analyst, systems analyst, change management engineer, development manager, project manager, debugger, bug-writer, and a lot more for the past couple decades. I’ve had an empahsis in the healthcare and energy industries. I’ve had a focus on web, cloud, and machine learning technologies.

I’m going to talk about some geeky things here. I will sometimes just cover the tech. At other times I’ll be quite opinionated. I hope you’ll be either educated or entertained. I hope that some of my experiences can help some of your challenges. Cheers!

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Hello, Terraform (on Azure)

Hello, Terraform (on Azure)

I will be writing a multi-part series working with Terraform, specifically in the context of Azure. This post will just be an introduction to Terraform. In the next post, we'll make it actually do things!

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